Conceptual change strategies on students' Mathematics Achievement and its challenge

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Addis Ababa University


Students are facing problem in understanding of what they are learning in mathematics lesson. There are a lot of students who are suffering from the conceptual change of mathematics. To conduct the study, a group circulation (discussion ) based on qualitative method Was employed. This pedagogical system is used to develop students' conception towards polynomial and rational equations and functions.The main objective of this study was to identify problems associated with conceptual change of students and assess conceptual change strategies students use to enhance their mathematics achievement in areas of polynomial and rational equations and functions .To do these Qualitative research method was used employing phenomenology research design where the phenomenon was traced through individual effort and group circulation guided by Apos theory. The study collected data from 80 students that were selected from two schools from Addis Ababa. Narrative and thematic data analysis was employed to classify the levels and practical conceptual change strategies employed by students. From the data analysis the findings from this study include: Before intervention no student reached the higher level-schema. 34.4% of the students were found to be at level 3, and similarly 16.9% and 13.8% were found to be at levels 2 and 1 respectively and 35% did not respond. But after intervention 25% of the students reached the highest level 4, schema. Therefore this study concluded that effective use of conceptual change strategies help students to develop their understanding and achievement. The teaching learning process of mathematics needs serious conceptual change strategies. The mathematics subject needs more strategies or methods in order to understand about it. The data was analyzed through narration before and after group circulation. The results obtained were: conceptual change on this title, making students to do problems by their own, good teaching practices and improving ability. In conclusion, students conceptualized different ideas of their performance through the level of thinking ( Apos theory).



Conceptual change strategies on students