Research Utilization Practice Of Professionals At The Commercial Banks In Ethiopia.

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This study examined the current status of research utilization practice of professionals in the context of the Ethiopian Commercial Banks. A conceptual model adopted from the Model of Research utilization, (Hemsley-Brown, J.V. (2004) and the literature review that focuses on the organizational characteristics, external factors and research utilization practices was consumed to conduct this research. The qualitative approach was employed to collect and analyze data for the study. The data were collected through interviews with directors, research officers and managers as well as document mining including research outputs and publications. Purposive sampling was used to select a sample of fifteen professionals from three banks among eighteen banks. Multiple case study research design approach was applied and deductive analysis approach was used. The results of the data analysis showed that the banks are fairly organized and structured with their own policy frameworks and research infrastructure. However, there are inadequate research activities produced by the banks. Besides, the utilization of those few research reports in the managerial activates is very low. The findings also disclosed that the collaboration between the internal and external environments on research activities seemed overlooked. For this reason, the research activities were not extended in accordance with the dynamics of the business environment. Finally, the research findings indicate that the measure challengers that hinder the research utilization practice of professionals in the banking sector are; the gap between the research teams and the decision-makers, inadequate trained man- power and scarcity of funding resources. Therefore, suggestions and recommendations were proposed in accordance with the major findings.


A Thesis Submitted To College Of Business And Economics Of Addis Ababa University In Partial Fulfillment Of The Requirement For The Degree Of Msc In Management Specialization In Total Quality Management And Organization Excellency


Management and Practice, Research Utilization