Problems Influencing Academic Performance of Students in Government Secondary Schools of Oromia Special Zone Surrounding Fin fine

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study was, to investigate major problems influencing academic performance of students in government selected secondary schools of Oromia special Zone Surrounding Finfine. The study used three basic research questions. Descriptive survey method was employed to conduct the study. The sample consists of 350 students, 118 teachers and 7 principals. Students and teachers were selected using simple random sampling; School principals were selected using purposive sampling. The data gathering tools employed was questionnaire and document analysis. The questionnaires were administered to 350 students, 118 teachers and 7 principals, in which 340 students, 110 teachers and 7 principals filled and returned it. Descriptive statistics was employed in this study by using SPSS–version 20, to analyze close ended quantitative data that were collected through questionnaires. From the descriptive statistics, frequency counts and percentages were used as needed to analyze the data. The interpretations of the data were followed by the tables, percentage and frequency counts. The research has identified three categories of major problems influencing academic performance of students, such as: 1. Student related problems (students’ motivation, attitude, & school attendance), 2.home environment related problems (parental encouragement, Socio economic status and parental education), 3.School environment related problems (teacher characteristics, leadership behavior of the principal, school plant and resources.), etc. Based on these findings conclusions and recommendations were suggested. The study shows that: students learning motivation, their attitude towards learning, parental encouragement, socioeconomic status and school conditions affect their academic performance. The study recommends that the responsibility of the stoke holders to guide students and facilitate conditions for their learning.



Problems Influencing Academic, Performance of Students