Factors Aggravating Students’ Drop Out in Secondary School of Gida Ayana Woreda of Eastern Wollega Zone

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of the study was sought to examine the causes for dropout of students in secondary schools and to indicate the solutions in reducing dropout. It also attempted to investigate the magnitude of dropouts in government secondary schools of Gida Ayana Woreda. In order to attain the objective of the study, descriptive method was employed. The study was carried out on all five secondary schools of Gida Ayana Woreda. The subjects of the study include 75 dropouts,50 teachers, 12 school principals, 15 parent teacher association (PTA) member of school and 2 woreda experts. In aggregate percent of the questionnaires were properly filled in and returned, and data analysis made using descriptive stastices (percentages and frequency). Data from documentary analysis indicated that the rate of dropout in secondary schools of the study area was significantly high and its trend shows increasing. The data further revealed that the dropout problem was more serious in grade nine than grade ten. The findings of the study showed that failure in study hard, lack of interest to learn, frequent absenteeism, low self conception due to previous failure in examination, low employment opportunity in the future were the major problems among individual/personal factors of students. Similarly, low teacher attitude toward students, school distance from pupils home, lack of guidance and counseling, lack of educational materials and lack of gender sensitive facilities were the major problems related to school factor. Additionally, parental factors such as poverty, parental enforcement to agricultural activities, low level of parents education, family size, low level of parent income and low attitudes in formal education were some related problems. To solve these problems the forwarded recommendations were; schools should create awareness program for all communities, provide necessary materials by involving different non government and government body in the systems, giving continuous advice and counseling students. Moreover, discussion with school community, parents and woreda educational expert about students’ problem to create good school environment and to provide learning materials were highly needed.



Factors Aggravating Students