Assessment of the Monitoring and Controlling Practices of Programmes and ProjectsThe case of the African Union Commission By:

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Addis Ababa University


Monitoring and Controlling is an important function that enables organisations to track the progress of their programmes and/or projects and alerts them to take possible corrective action. For the Monitoring & controlling function to meet the intended objective/s, it requires an institutionalised effective and efficient monitoring and controlling system. The monitoring and controlling system should give real-time information to the stakeholders about the progress of the programmes and/or the projects for decision making. The system also enables the organisation to bring transparency and accountability for the resource sacrificed to implement the programmes and/or projects. This paper tries to assess the conditionality’s that must be fulfilled for the monitoring and controlling function to bring the required benefits to the Africa Union Commission. It is against this background that, in this paper the weaknesses of the monitoring and controlling function in the African Union Commission identified to come up with the concrete recommendations. Best practices in the monitoring and controlling function from six dimensions were taken into consideration to compare it with the existing system and identify the weaknesses of the system in the commission. Recommendations are provided both from the monitoring & controlling general framework and from the process perspective.



weaknesses of the monitoring, important function that enables organisations, monitoring and controlling system