Assessing the Effectiveness of Communication Factors and Behavioral Changes of Audiences as a Result of Advertising Efforts: Case of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


This research paper studies the effectiveness of communication factors and behavioral change of audiences as a result of the advertising efforts taking Commercial Bank of Ethiopia as a case. The study was limited to the Bank’s customers in Addis Ababa city and the sample branches and customers were selected based on convenience sampling technique. Accordingly, primary data were collected through questionnaire. According to the research findings, the quality of the message and the source that carry the message is effective. Further, the advertising efforts is effective to create Awareness and Preference of the services, but not effective to create Knowledge, Liking, Conviction and Action. Also, the Affective level of customers towards the services is more; however, the Cognitive and Conative level is less. The research findings also reveal that there is a positive and strong relationship between the two variables. However, the relationship between Message Quality is stronger than the Message Source. Based on the research findings, the researcher suggests that due attention should be given on the ethicality, understandability, clarity and believability of messages and measuring advertising efforts against the communication objectives is important not only to evaluate the effectiveness but also to design the appropriate advertising strategy that meets the desired behavioral changes.



Advertising Effectiveness, Communication Factors, Behavioral Dimensions