Investigating Factors that Affect the Development of Football in South Nation Nationalites ind Peoples Region: With Particular Refernce to Kaffa Zone

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Addis Abeba university


This study was conducted with the objectives of investigating factors that affect the development of football in SNNPR with particular emphasis to kaffa zone and to recommend the possible solutions accordingly. Data utilized for the study have mainly been acquired through sample survey of (N= 68) participants. Among these, (N= 40) randomly selected football players from the four clubs and (N=4) purposively selected coaches (Wushwush Bonga TVET, Bonga TTC and Mankira Coffee) were included in the questionnaire and (N=10) were participated in interview and the other 14 purposively selected were participated in the FGD. Mainly, descriptive (frequency distribution and percentage, mean) method of analysis has been utilized to analyze the data collected through questionnaire whereas the data from FGD and interview was analyzed through qualitative technique. A cross sectional design method is employed as a general approach in the study. The findings of the study indicated that the following major problems were dominant in the zone football sport clubs: less emphasis given to the value of sport in general and football in particular, by the general public, the investors and sport officers at all levels, absence of transparent and accountable administration, lack of cooperation among the concerned stallholders, very low popular participation, absence of permanent fund for the clubs, lack of sufficient football courts in the area and less emphasis given to even the existing ones, lack of trained sport professionals that could supplement the problems man power from zone to woreda levels, less access and opportunity or available structure that could invite the private investors to attract to. As a general solution to the identified problems greater emphasis has to be given to the youth football in the area so that it could be possible to recruit adult players in the near future and this could also be a fundamental base for the sustainability of the major adult football clubs in the zone. Establishing and organizing football youth projects and clubs in all of keffa zone weredas could be one major strategy to address the sustainability of the major football clubs. Key words: development, football clubs, football projects, investigation, investment, national league, Primer league



Development; Football Clubs; Football Projects; Investigation; Investment; National League; Primer League