Psychosocial Conseq uences of Child Sexual Abuse on Abuse Survivor Female Children: The Case of Three Children Rehabilitation Centers in Addis Ababa.

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Addis Ababa University


Th is study was conducted to examine psychosocial consequences of child sexual abuse on abuse survivor chi ldren who are tak ing rehabilitation in three selected children rehabi litation centers in Addis Ababa. A total of 105 female partic ipants for the study were taken from OI)R IFS, IFSO, and Kechenie Ch ildren Rehabilitation Centers. Children's Impact of Traumatic Events Scale-Revised (CITES-R) were used to measure psychosocial dimensions of child sex ual abuse (PST'D, soc ial reactions, eroticism, and attributions about abuse). Add itional questi onna ires were also employed to know different forms and frequency of sexual abuse the victims faced and the nature of perpetrators affil iat ion with the victim. To analyze the collected data univarate, bi va riate and multi va riate analys is us ing co rre lat ion, mUltiple and hierarch ical regress ion, and One-way anal ys is of var iancc (ANOVA) were used. Findings showed that demographic va ri ab les (except schoo l leve l), and length of stay in the rehab ilitation center are found to be s ignifi cant predicato rs of psychosocial consequences of CSA among abuse survivor female chi ldren in the study area. All these vari ab les, including s-clloo lleve l, have negative contri bution to psychosocial outcomes ofCSA. Significant variation in psychosocial outcomes of ch ild sexual abuse among chi ldren raced different forms of sex ual abuse at various rate of exposure, and abused by perpetrators with differe nt degree of affi liation was fo und. The combined effect of a ll independent variab les a lso s ignificantly predicted progress ive change in the outcomes ofthc dependent vari ab le in the study popul ati on. Therefore, the study implies that a lot has to be done on studying psychosocial consequences of CSA and rehabi litation of abuse survivor children. To this end, researchers, Soc ial work practitioners, policy ana lysts have to work in coll aborat ion with other stake holders to o vercome such -pervas ive problem. Keywords: P.sychosocial Consequences ofCSA, Forms and J<i'equency of Sexual Abuse, Length of Slay in the Rehabilitation Center, Age at Onset afSexual Abuse.



Child Sexual Abuse on Abuse Survivor Female Children