Bullying victimization and self-efficacy among children in selected Government Primary Schools of Arada sub city, Addis Ababa.

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Addis Ababa University


Bullying victimization among children is burning issue in the present society; particularly in schools it is well known that bullying victimization is one of the problems that need special attention. This study was conducted on this issue with particular focus on selected governmental school students with in age range of 12-15 years. It specifically attempted to examine the level of bullying victimization, in relation to self-efficacy and gender. Out of a total population size of 758 students in 12-15 age categories, of these 228 students were randomly selected. On data collection Forms of bulling scale (FBS) and self-efficacy questionnaire for children (SEQ-C) were also adapted. Correlation, chi-square and one sample t-test were used to analyze the data. Findings indicated that bullying victimization in these governmental schools has high occurrence throughout the year. From all participants reported about their exposure of bullying throughout this academic year those who experienced bullying by others are 44.3% (n=101). The level of bullying victimization shows that there is high relation between being female and bullying victimization. In an Attempt to examine the relationship between bullying victimization and self-efficacy the result shows they are inversely related. They affect each other being a cause for their occurrence as dependent and independent factors. By comparing the victims self-efficacy (M= 85.42, SD=19.04) with the non-victim self-efficacy (M=94.14, SD=13.3) it is found to be there is a significant difference between mean of the victim and non-victim self-efficacy t (228) = -7.45, p<0.05. So without age discrimination these governmental schools children are exposed to bullying victimization and diminished self-efficacy. Therefore, these governmental schools should focus on the issue of bullying victimization and work on the development of student‟s self-efficacy .This could be done through incorporating bullying in students text books, involving students in tasks which develop self-efficacy, organizing anti bullying events and organizing awareness creation seminars that include parents. Attempts were made to explain these findings and implications were also drawn for practical intervention and future research



Bullying victimization, and self-efficacy among children