The Impact of Sales Skills on Sales Person Performance: The Case of BGI Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


In recent years the competitiveness in Ethiopian beer industry has enormously increased specially after the privatization of government breweries to international well recognized breweries. Despite of room for growth and additional breweries are underway to join the industry, currently breweries are spending a large sum of money to attract consumers in using their sales person officers. Understanding the sales person sales skill contributes in the result of sales person performance. This study analyzes the impact of sales skill on sales person performance. The objectives of this paper are two-fold. Firstly to understand the influence of sales skills dimensions, namely interpersonal, salesmanship, technical and marketing skills on salesperson performance in BGI Ethiopia, which is a major brewery industry in Ethiopia; and secondly, to investigate the effect of organizational commitment as a moderating variable on the above relationship. Data was gathered from all agents of BGI Ethiopia sales person 252 salesperson in the industry. Different literatures have been used in discussing the concept and to identify major factors that affect sales person performance. Sales skills: interpersonal skill, technical skill, marketing skill, salesmanship skill, and organizational commitment are found to be important variables that determine sales performance. Questionnaires were distributed to all respondents of the agent of BGI Ethiopia sales person. From each agent all sales persons are taken and results were put through different methods of data analysis. Descriptive statistics, correlation and regressions were used in this study. Based on the analysis from the independent variables the only salesmanship skill and organizational commitment are the most influential factor of sales person performance. Different factors are consists on those sales skill variables. The findings show that the effect of salesmanship skills positively influence and predicts salesperson performance. And the findings also show that technical, marketing and interpersonal skills do not influence salesperson performance. And, organizational commitment was necessarily moderate the relationship between sales skills dimensions and salesperson performance



sales skills, sales person performance, organizational commitment