The Effect of Legal and Institutional Factors on Consumer Protection in Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


The absence of studies about consumer protection in Ethiopia from marketing perspective in general and the role that can be played by consumers associations if the Ethiopian legal framework allowed them in the issue in particular inspired this study. The objective of the study was assessing the legal and institutional factors that affect consumer protection in Ethiopia. Out of the 323 distributed questionnaires for consumers who resides in Addis Ababa 96.28% (311) response rate has been obtained. Quantitative approach and explanatory research method were used. Moreover, descriptive and regression method of analysis were applied. The results of regression analysis indicated that there was a significant effect of market surveillance system; administrative legal power and legal counsel, representations before court and dispute resolution by consumer association depending on their order of importance from most determinant factor to the least on consumer protection in Ethiopia. The findings of the survey recommends policy and law makers for a swift adjustments in Ethiopian consumer protection legal framework in order to benefit from the inclusion of consumer associations given the invaluable legal support that can be made to consumers thorough them. A strong market surveillance system is also expected from Trade Competition and Consumer Protection Authority to make the Ethiopian consumer protection system more effective



Consumer, consumer associations, Consumer complaint management system