Factors Affecting Female Students Participation in Industrial Fields of the Study: The Case of Openo Technical Vocational and Educational Training College

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Addis Ababa University


The main objectives of the study are to assess the factors that affect female student's participation towards industrial fields at Openo TVET college in Gambella regional state. The subjects of the study were 132 female students of the colleges, three deans, five instructors, two individllals from women affairs bureau, one the college women affairs IInit and one vocational counselors of the college. Simple random sampling methods were used to selectstlldents, and the remaining officials are selected by using purposive sampling techniques. For the purpose of the study, descriptive survey method \\las employed in order to get a clear picture about the faclors. The dala for the sludy was obtained from primwy and secondary sOllrces. The primary data was collected through questionnaires and interviews. Both open-ended and close-ended questionnaires were set and administered. 1n addition to this, documents, strategic plan and different published and unpublished /l/aterials were used as secondary so urces. Tables, mean, grand mean and percentage follo\lled by descriptive statements was used 10 analyze the collected data. Finally, the researcher forwarded the possible recommendation. Accordingly the research depicted that female students participation is affected by parent related factors like (family educational background, lack of moral and absenteeism), unavailability of teaching material and infrastructllre , lack of mvareness and harmfllitraditional practices. Generally, in Openo TVET college the number of female students is almost negligible as compared to business stlldents. Hence, it is recommended that the college has to create a mechanism to aware the societies of Gambella aboUi TVET and the labora/ories and workshop should be equipped with the necessary materials.



Affecting Female Students Participation in Industrial Fields