Growth and Yield Performanceof Bread Wheat (Triticumaestivium L.) Grown In Vertisol and Nitosol in Gozamin Wereda, North Western Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) is one of the most important food grain sources of the livelihood farmers of the Gozamin Wereda in North-Western Ethiopia. However, the productivity of the crop is markedly low due to low soil fertility and associated low soil nutrient availability, especially nitrogen and phosphorous. Reduced plant nitrogen use efficiency, erratic seasonal rainfalls, as well as inadequate fertilizer management practices have also contributed to the low productivity of wheat in the region. The present study designed pot experiment in which 100 plastic sleeves (depth 14 cm; diameter 10 cm ) were filled with each of the field collected nitosol and vertisol. The experiments were conducted at Yemeka (Gozamin) in north western Ethiopia during October 28/2016 to March 5/2017 .The pots lay as a completely randomized design. Sow bread wheat seed, watering was performed every one day interval and growth performances of the plant were followed by measuring plant height, number of leaves, tiller, spike length, seed, grain yield (g) per plant, as well as biomass determination on randomly sampled plants. The results demonstrates that number of leaves, tillers, kernels, mass of grain yield, were highly significant (P<0.05) affected in vertisol and nitosol. For example mean height of plant in vertisol 32cm and in nitosol 25.4cm, mean number of leaves in vertisol 17 and in nitosol 11, effective tillers in vertisol 4 and in nitosol 1.5, kernel per plant in vertisol 152 and in nitosol 66.5.Based on this result vegetative growth and yield performances of bread wheat were higher in vertisol than nitosol. These results were analyzed and evaluated in light of providing the local farmers with requisite options and confidence for choice of soil type. Farmer sows bread wheat and use adequate fertilizer on vertisol to get more yield than nitosol. Based on the results, we conclude that sowing bread wheat in vertisol can provide more yield, compared to nitosol.



Biomass, Grain Yield, Hexaploid Wheat, Pot Experiments, Vegetative Growth, Gozamin Wereda