Information Support System for Export and Import in Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


This study has been carried out to design and develop an information support system for export and import in Ethiopia. It is to provide different items of information needed by the different user groups as per their requirement. The design of the system has been preceded by a survey conducted to collect information about the following: (I) The prospective users of export and import Information; (2) the different types of information needed by these groups of users; (3) the purposes for which these items of information are required; (4) the different sources of export and import information; and (5) the existing available trade information service units and the types of information service rendered by these units. The provisions of the Ethiopian National Information Policy have been taken note of. The trade information infrastructure of the country has been reviewed in the light of the provisions of the national information policy to recognize its inadequacy. For the purpose of collecting information, methods, such as, questionnaire method, interview method, observation method, and literature survey, have been used. The study reveals that the existing trade information service units are neither adequately resourceful; nor are they well organized. In general, the performance of these trade information service units is not at all satisfactory according to their users. Those service units are all under-utilized because of their inadequate in all respects. Being in conformity with the expectations of the national information policy, a computer based information services system for export and import in Ethiopia has been proposed. The system is to be located in the information service unit of the Ministry of Trade, to start with. In the long run the system would function as a network. All the important trade information service units of the country would function as nodes of this network. For the proposed system to be operative, it would be necessary for certain essential development to take place mostly through the necessary initiatives of the Government of Ethiopia. The recommendation of this study cover all those essential development.



Information Science