The effect of maternal work on the nutritional status of mothers and children

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Addis Abeba Universty


Maternal work has been seen to have two contradictory effect on child nutrition-via increasing income and decreasing time available in the household . The net effect will depend on the decision making pattern of the household and the adequacy and quality of child care substitute . A sample of 422 mothers and their children were selected In the rural town of Butajira through household survey to exami ne the effect of working for profit/gain on nutritional status of both the mother and children. Result showed that children of working mothers had a better nutritional status [OR(95%CI) 0 . 38 (0 . 19,0.76] however working mothers themselves were at a risk of being malnourished compared to non-working mothers (95%CI): 1. 62 (1. 05, 2 . 5). The decision making pattern and the child care substitute did not show any effect on the overall result . In the attempt to improve the nutri tional status of children the encouragement of maternal involvement in income generating activities is indispensable. Working mothers in the informal work needs to be considered in any nutritional intervention programme as they are likely to be at risk of being malnourished . v



The effect of maternal work on the nutritional