Assessing The Role Of Stakeholder Management On Project Success In Case Of Addis Ababa City Road Authority

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Addis Ababa University


Stakeholder management is the process of maintaining good relationship with stakeholders, these needs establishing effective communication and conflict resolution management between stakeholders. This is particularly relevant to the success of a construction project. A large number of road projects are currently been undertaken and many have been implemented in Addis Ababa in recent times. So Addis Ababa City Roads authority (AACRA) has responsible for the city roads construction. So these Construction projects are done by a collaboration of different stakeholders and these needs to develop effective communication and conflict resolution management on project success. The objectives of this research were to assess practical implementation of the Stakeholders management practice look like within the AACRA. Moreover, would also able to determine the relationship between Projects stakeholder management and project success and to describing the effective conflict resolution mechanism used to maximize project success. Also the research was to assess stakeholder communication barriers on AACRA project. The research used descriptive and also explanatory research design. A mixed method of qualitative and quantitative approaches used. The study also used both primary and secondary data sources. Structured questioner were distributed to fifty-one stakeholders. The findings of the study show that there is lack of practice of Stakeholders communication management and conflict resolution management in AACRA projects. The result shows that the practice of stakeholder management has statistically positive and significant influence on project success. To provide project success, it is recommended that AACRA should work on improving the stakeholder communication and conflict resolution management practice between stakeholders.



Stakeholder management,, Stakeholders communication management, conflict resolution management, project success