Factors for the Success of Water Projects for Addis Ababa Schools: The Case of Splash International Ethiopia.

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Addis Ababa University


School water project has significant positive impact on a child’s health, wellbeing and school performance. More than 400,000 children attend government schools in Addis Ababa. Only 31% of primary schools and 29% of secondary school students have access to safe WASH. Improvements in water supply of schools not only ensure attendance of school students and incentivize teachers to foster a collaborative positive learning environment but also ensure gender equality. This study examined the success factors of school water supply project of Splash International Ethiopia. The data was collected through questionnaire and was checked for completeness, consistency then analyzed using SPSS. Descriptive analysis was done to statically describe aggregate and present which success factors contributed the most and which ones are lacking. Statistical tables and graphs were used to describe the findings. A total of 30 respondents from Splash international were included. This study examined six factors that are considered common regardless of the project type and organizational structure after reviewing the works of many authors. Project mission, top management support, project schedule and plan, personnel, Monitoring, Evaluation and Feedback and communication. The result has shown that most of the variables put as success factors were practiced by the organization while the research has investigated the organization monitoring, Evaluation and feedback is less contributing factors which has to be strengthened.



project, project management, success factors, Splash International