The Role of Non-Financial and Financial Support for social Enterprise startups: (The Case of Reach for Change Incubator Program in Addis Ababa)

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This study analyzed the role of non-financial and financial support for social enterprise startup growth. All the 23 social enterprises established the study setting. The research followed a sequential mixed research design, employed a survey method, and used questionnaires & semi-structured interviews as data collection instruments. Secondary data on the financial performance of social enterprises and grant utilization capacity of RFC were used also used to triangulate the primary data results. Descriptive statistics and correlation analysis were used to analyze study results. The study applied a descriptive statistics analysis, Paired- T-test, and Pearson Correlation to evaluate its objective using the SPSS version 20 tool. Results show most enterprises are extensively satisfied with the timing and sufficiency of the financial support in developing their business operation by Reach for Change. The study concludes no statistically significant difference between non-financial and financial support rendered by Reach for Change to social enterprises from 2017 to 2019. Finally, the study recommended that improved non-financial support regarding planning, organizational development for the social enterprises by delivering regular training, consulting, coaching, improving system auditing, and better enhance the startup capital. Besides, because the growth is gradual, and not extensive it is recommended Reach for Change should improve the support regarding product offerings of the social enterprises in terms of quality and delivery


A Research Project submitted to the College of Business and Economics Department of Management Executive MBA Program


Financial support startup Growth, Non-Financial, Social enterprises