Ethiopian Forestry Information System: A User Study

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Addis Ababa University


The Ethiopian forestry information system can not help the forestry problem of the country, and develop the economy unless users and needs are identified. The user must be the focal point of the forestry information system .. The Ethiopian forestry information need originates out of permanent engagement in forestry research and development activities aimed at solving the existing forestry problems. The majority of forestry organizations and scientists that generate forestry information have lack of self-contentment. There is a demand for forestry information. The needs disclose the knowledge gaps. Since a single method brings a problem triangulation technique is used to enrich measurement. Questionnaire, interview, document analysis and observations were used to collect data. Purposive sample is used due to difficulties to treat the whole group. The survey has examined users as input output processors, the current forestry information status, the generators, users needs, information resource, source, services, facilities and final practical solutions are recommended



Information Science