Review and Evaluation of the Care and Support Programs of Mekidim Ethiopia National Association for Persons Living with HIV/AIDS and their Family

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Addis Ababa University


The situation of HIV/AIDS is very frightening in Ethiopia. It has brought multifaceted problems to the nation. As AIDS is more pronounced in the adult age group, their death left many children without parents. The civil society, governments and non governmental organizations has been implementing expanded and comprehensive intervention to won the pandemic. Mekidim Ethiopia National Association is one of these organizations. MENA is working in resource constrained settings and it was assumed clients might not be able to get the required services. This review and evaluation study which intended to give the current picture of the services and assess the differences made in the lives of clients, serves the purpose of informing and guiding HIV/AIDS program designers, policy makers, program implementers and researchers in improving interventions. The study used qualitative methods. The study found that the financial constraint in the association hindered to address the socioeconomic needs of clients. However, the other services helped most to live positively with the virus and to see their future with hope. To improve the quality of services MENA, is required to assure beneficiaries participate in the program, increase its financial status and to make timely monitoring and evaluation



Care; support; monitoring; evaluation; services; participation; infected; affected;HIV/AIDS; beneficiaries; association