Determinants of Age at First Birth in Goro Wereda: Welkite Town

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Addis Ababa University


A WOlllOll'sfirsl birth is aile oflhe 1110.11 sigllificallt evellts ill her life. 111 lIlallY paris of Elh iopia Ihe lIIediall age at jirst birlh was too yOllllg (below 18). nll's cross-secliollal survey Ivas COli dueled ill March 2009 at Cora Woreda, We/kite Tawil, SNNPR, 10 exalllille Ihe lIIediall age at givillg the jirst birlh alld ils' deterlllillams. Both qllaillitative olld qualitative data were employed to ullderlake Ihis sludy. For Ihe quaillitative sectioll, a stalldardized questiollilaire was prepared while ill-depth illterview alld Focus Croup Discussiolls (FCDs) were cOllducled 10 collecl qualiTative dala. A lotal of 423 womell ill Ihe age rallge 15 10 49 years had parlicljJated ill the study. Thefilldillg revealed that, the mediall age at givillg thejirst birth ill Wolkite tOWIl was 19 years of age. The logistic regressioll slatistic illdicated that age al jirst marriage, age at jirst sex, cOlltraceptive use and educatioll exhibited statistically significallt impact 011 Ihe 1II0thers' age at givillg the jirst birth. Correspolldillgly, the chi-square test had also showil that, age at marriage, age at jirst sex, cOlltraceptive use, educatioll alld work status of the women in Welkite town had a sigllificallt (p<0.001) relatiollship with the age at giving the jirst birth. Variation iJ/ age at jirst sexual illtercourse, marriage, educatioll, and the extellt of cOlltraceptioll are foulld to be the deterlllillallt factor all the age of women at jirst birth. it therefore, girl's enrollllent at higher educatioll alld target fa lllily plannillg prograllls. Key wordsAge at first birthAge at first maITiageCensoringLogistic regressionSocio-mographic variablesSocio-economic va riables



Age at first birth, Age at first maITiage, Censoring, Logistic regression, Socio-demographic variables, Socio-economic va riables