Sustainable Urban Tourism Status and Challenges in Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


The city of Addis Ababa offers great opportunities such as rich and diverse cultural, natural and historical resources, rapid economic growth and significant urban expansion. At the same time, it faces challenges. This study was conducted to assess sustainable urban tourism status and challenges in Addis Ababa. The general objective of the study was to investigate the state of urban tourism and the factors that influence its long-term sustainability. The data for this study were collected from survey questionaries‟ and secondary sources. The sample population for this study was composed of tourism professionals who are working in government office and privet tourism related businesses in Addis Ababa. The survey was conducted to a sample size of 100 respondents. Out of 100 questionaries‟ 100 were usable. The respondents were chosen using a purposive sampling procedure. Appropriate statistical analysis such as descriptive and inferential statistics were used according to the respective objectives. The results of descriptive and inferential statistics revealed that. the most important determining factors are tourism infrastructure, tourism marketing promotion, human capital and resources , tourist safety and security , tourism support service and infrastructure , information and communication technology, environmental conservation , policy regulation and institutional framework , tourism research development and tourism development financing. Therefore, it is recommended that The ministry of culture and tourism should give priority to urban tourism development in national long-term policies and give more attention to comprehensive tourism planning and any policy or strategy in the area of sustainable urban tourism development should start from the needs and desires of the people and should be connected to the principles of sustainable development.



urban tourism, sustainable urban tourism, status, challenges tourism impacts, perception, participation.