Challenges in Organizing Football Clubs: the Case of Kirkos Sub City Addis Ababa

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Addis Abeba university


Ethiopian football development is currently the responsibility of clubs and football development program located in the Ethiopian Football Federation Development Committee, which is only responsible for improving football. This allows the football development program to develop players in a non-specific manner that is regulated by each individual club. Clubs in Ethiopia still can‘t follow a professional model of football clubs organizing like European clubs. Also many children‘s are engaged in to football very early but on roads and unsafe sand fields. Even if it is already known that these children are not in academies and train without coaches, they surely show an imaginable skill and knowledge of game. But a big problem comes after they start growing and seek for a professional life in football. The purpose of this study was to identify challenges in organizing football club the case of kirkos sub city. The study comprises 44 football players, 8 coaches, 12 football experts and 8 sport administrative staffs of kirkos sub city with purposive sample technique. A descriptive survey study is used to carry out this research. Three instruments such as questionnaire, interview and observational check list were used to gather the data. The descriptive analysis of the data was analyzed by using both qualitative and quantitative methods, such as frequency counts, percentage and descriptive statements. The major challenges associated with to organizing football club in kirkos sub city are found Administrational problem, lack of facility and equipment, less financial status, low level of communication among stakeholders and lack of football project within the sub city. To overcome these problems, the following recommendations have been forwarded: every stakeholder should work hand to hand in order to solve the problems; the government administrators should give high attention to solve lack of budget, facility and equipment, football project and participation of the society like other sub city. Key words: - football club, organizing, Administration, facility and equipment



Football Club; Organizing; Administration; Facility And Equipment