Bottled Water Consumers’ Perception in view of Brand Equity Dimensions

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Addis Ababa University


Although the Ethiopian Bottled water producing different bottled water brands has been booming fast in a less than a decade time, the types of brands penetrated in the market, the state of the brands in the consumers’ mind have become the prime concern of business owners. The Purpose this research study aims to test the bottled water customers’ perception in view of brand equity dimensions, which are Brand Awareness, Brand Association, Brand Perceived Quality, Brand Loyalty and other proprietary assets and how these dimensions are influencing brand building in the customers’ mind in Addis Ababa Market through the application of a well-known conceptual framework of brand equity model developed by Aaker. As to the methodology, design and approach, the sampling techniques used, sample size was selected to be 134 and data gathered from randomly selected respondents and analyzed on the bottled water brands towards, assessing the perception of consumers on the dimensions of brand equity. The findings revealed that the customers’ perception is highly influenced by Brand Perceived Quality followed by Brand Awareness. The study concluded that Brand Perceived Quality is the influential dimension than the other dimensions of brand equity. Besides, recommendations were given for the managers to give priority to those influencing brand equity dimensions in line with the customers’ perception while most companies go through different marketing activities. Key Words: Brand Equity, Brand Awareness, Brand Association, Brand Perceived Quality and Brand Loyalty



Brand Equity, Brand Awareness, Brand Association, Brand Perceived Quality and Brand Loyalty