Experiences and practices of old age home care and support to the Elderly Living in the Institutions: Assessment at Three Selected Institutions in Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


Given the economic advancements and well-being leading people to live longer, older people living in developing nations particularly in Africa are suffering from multi faceted problems. One of the possible interventions to curb the suffering of the elderly population is an institutional caring system. This intervention is of paramount importance in time of crises like family lose, health complication and poverty driven street life. Today in Ethiopia, it is becoming a day to day scene to see numerous elders begging in the streets for their living. Although it is in a limited effort and way, there are institutional care schemes in Ethiopia. This study tries to assess the experience of three selected old age care institutions about their care and support practice and Institutionalized elders views on their living conditions in institutions. The study is conducted using a qualitatively designed method in descriptive purpose. Employing a purposive sampling technique, a semi structured interview instrument was used to generate data from elders and key informants in the institutions. The findings of the study reveal that providing basic services to the neediest elders is the foundation goals of the institutions. And also understands that the service provision has changed the life situation of the resident elders. Participation of the community in the care and support is shown as an important resource for an effective caring process. The study also came across that, health care issue as a major concern in all the institutions



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