Assessment of Human Resource Capacity Building Interventions by Selected International Organizations - (Achievements, Challenges and Prospects) the Case of Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research

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Addis Ababa University


The objective of the study is to assess human resource capacity building initiatives and engagement of selected international research organizations, and investigate achievements and challenges as well as provide with recommendations that help Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research to realize its missions through competitive and fully capacitated human resource. This study reviewed the composition of employees, with sample size of 124, with regard to age, service year in EIAR, educational and position profile in the institute; and their familiarity in human resource capacity building training practice – need assessment, training deliver methods, monitoring and evaluation of training and capacity building interventions. The study also reviewed and analyses the involvement of selected CG center organizations in area of human resource capacity development programs for EIAR employees. The study analyzed the data collected through semi-structured survey questions, key informant interviewees from EIAR and experts from selected partner CG research centers based in Ethiopia such as ILRI, IFPRI and CIMMYT. The study reveals that, mainly in the organization, there is an absence of systematic employee training needs assessment and weak participation of relevant stakeholders in the training planning and need assessment stages. On top of that, the partner organizations face challenges while they seek to engage in capacity building training for EIAR employees. The finding of the study has been drawn from the analysis on the existence of big gap in terms of maintaining the collaboration between the EIAR and the partner organizations. Besides the culture of evaluation training and development is found weak which indeed needed to be customized and implemented to keep the learning process from identified improvement areas. Finally the researcher recommends the implementation of systematic capacity building training and development process with comprehensive guideline that aligned with holistic approach and sound engagement of partner international organizations for impactful training and capacity development intervention at all level in Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research



Agricultural research