Assessment on practices and challenges of Communicationin the FederalHousing Corporation

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This study intends to promote the utilization of conceptual aids for public relations activities by assessing activities and challenges of public relations at the Federal Housing Corporation (FHC). Specifically, the study aims to identify the extent to which activities of PR are implementing in relation to PR theoretical concepts, explore practitioners' role, and challenge facing PR activities in FHC.The study employed the two-way symmetrical public relations model as a theoretical framework to inform the study. A qualitative study design was used as the main method of research in order to investigate and clearly explain the practices and challenges of the communication practice of the Corporation. In addition to the qualitative method, a quantitative study design also used in order to describe the amounts of data in number during analysis. Under the qualitative study design, document analysis, interview and observations were used, whereas under the quantitative research design, questionnaire was used as a data collection tool. Questionnaire respondents were selected by purposive and convenience sampling techniques. Questionnaires were distributed among 100 respondents and 83 completed questionnaires (83%) were analyzed. In addition, interview was conducted to four employees and one team leader. The findings of the study show that activities of PR in FHC have a variety of aspects, but not satisfactory; they have not grounded on PR strategy and objectives; no feedback mechanism for improvement; PR messages are not pretested before reaching the public; almost there is no consistency in PR activities; practitioners are fully engaged on technician role without dealing with the strategic role; poor internal PR activities; lack of proper attention for PR section, capacity and skill gap observed on the side of practitioners, high rate of employee turnover; lack of proper PR structure; not proportioned workload; lack of information management system Lastly, the study has suggested concentrating on awareness formation, reforming PR structure, developing theoretical guidelines, capacity building, establishing interface and information handling system, and committed leadership to improve PR activities in the FederalHousing Corporation.



challenges of public relations at the Federal Housing Corporation (FHC).