Assessing Public Relations Functions and Challenges in the Ethiopian News Agency (ENA)

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The purpose of this study is to provide a critical assessment of the function and challenges of public relations in the Ethiopian news agency. To achieve the objective of the study, a mixed research design was used. A total of 268 respondents from ENA, ministries PR and the media were purposively selected to participate in this study. Descriptive statistics and thematic analysis were used to analyze the data collected through the questionnaire, in-depth interviews, and FGDs. The study concluded that public relations is often a top-down approach and ignores the bottom-up and horizontal approaches. The weak organizational structure of public relations hindered the achievement of ENA's desired goals. In addition, the study found that the biggest challenge in ENA's public relations is the lack of professionalism. The role of ENA's public relations department in connecting its staff with its customers and stakeholders was rated low. The ministries' PR knowledge of ENA requires additional efforts, such as self-promotion through the media, as their knowledge of ENA's services and founding purpose is limited. The organization should therefore be advised to make great efforts to improve its public relations and meet the needs of staff within ENA, clients, stakeholders and the public in general in order to achieve sustainable growth and benefits.