Police Reform and Human Rights Protection in Ethiopia: The Case of Federal Police Crime Investigation Bureau.

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As the measures of reform made by FDRE government beginning from 2015 to 2018 reform in reforming all government institutions, the aim of this thesis is to explore the available progresses in police organizations in human rights protection in Ethiopia during criminal investigation process by focusing on Federal Crime Investigation Bureau. The prevalence of human rights violations during criminal investigation process which government admitted following 2018 reform are taken as major problems of this study. By using qualitative research method; non-probability (purposive) sampling technique; and semi-structured in-depth interview; observation and document analysis as instruments of data collection, the researcher investigates whether police reform has improved the human rights situation in the post reform period. Accordingly, the findings of this study indicate that, though there are improvements in human rights protections during criminal investigation process in terms of decrease in the incidence of physical torture; allowing police organizations to human rights visitors; researchers, and closing some police stations where citizen’s human rights were subjected for violations such as Meakwlawi and Jail Ogaden, violations of human rights are continuing during Criminal investigation process such as denying right of speedy trial; lack of equality before the law; and compelling suspects to produce illegal confessions such as putting them at dark places. Finally, based on these findings, the thesis recommends that: government should re-evaluate police compliance in the process of sustaining police reform; Police Organization should give more focus to Human Rights promotion in allocating smooth environments such as Human Rights related complaints receiving mechanism and mainstreaming Human Rights to its all departments in relation to Federal Crime Investigation Bureau; government should play its significant roles to liable police members who have been violating Human Rights in the case of Federal Crime Investigation Bureau; priority should be given by government to human rights protection by providing the necessary logistics to police such as offices and custodies as soon as possible to speed investigation process; and Police organizations should provide quality trainings to investigators police to enhance their capacity of making quality investigations in relation to Federal Crime Investigation Bureau.



Police Reform,Human Rights Protection,Criminal Investigation,Police,Reform,Crime,Crime Investigation Bureau