Food Security Situations And Resource Endowments of Rural Households In D'irashe Special Woreda In Southern Ethiopia: A Comparative Study of Male- And Female- Headed Households

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Addis Ababauniversity


''FIle I/Jes is is (limed Of assessing the ./i)()(/ security sill/o/h)"s lind resu/(rce ('lIdowments (~l ru"ClI IlOlIsellOhls in D 'irashe Special Woreda, The content however, is lililited 10 the realities in three sample Keheles o/'the Woreda, D'irashe Special Woreda is/ound in SNNPII. It is located 557kms south of Addis Ababa on the right side of the main road to .finka /()'VII. The Ihesis heRil1.l' with introducing the hackRmllnd Ihe pmhlelll sllllell/('III, ohieclil'es incillding significance 01' Ihe stlldy. It proceeds h)' reviewing aspecls 0/ ./elllille heads, ./i}()d secllrity, prodllctive reSOllrce endowments and coping strategies, 11 then describes Ihe physical and socioeconomic ./eatllres of the woreda, Questionnaire survey, key illfiJl'Jnall1 interviews, case studies lind jiJCIIS gmllp discllssions are lIsed to collect the dahl, Descriptive slatistics such as pcrcenfCf}!,C! and mean are computed. l"cmale-headed hOllseholds play an essenlial role ill /i)()" sec III' ill , 01 11I11I1'('h,,'" os IJm"IICas, !){/rc!wsers, prodders {()It! processors (dji)( }(/ ,hun lIutl" hew!.\" do ,\ /(/ /(' ulld/(' /J/(//(' S{,(' III In hurt' WI ell/HU/ INlrtfe/I){llion in /ar/l'l prodllct/Oll ({cOvilies .' IJIUII!ill,t!. lI 'ceclill.!.!.. Ill r es;'ill,\.!" II'WISI}()l'ling 1111" ,l"lorillg I!esides, collecling/ire WO!}(!.I", ./etching waleI' alld grilldillg grain Iwl'c heen./iJllnd to he lIIeans "I' ellsllring food secllrity. For lIIany female hOllsehol" Ileads' tilile is ,'pen I by these ""ily rolliine lIelivities while their involvement in other income generotin? activities is (; ()/1sll'u ill ec l. i\t/oreover, res lilts (~r lite study re\!ealed 1//(/1 JelllUle -III,.:wled l' IJII.\l'/i(}/J\ /Il/l'(' lillliled Fig.!lfs uI oll'nership ill lime/lleti ,'e resources liS lI'ell liS Iheir/illils o/loho/' Ii/(/II II/(//,,-heo<l,," hOllsehold.", ruck (~r(l c('()SS t() (/Iu/ cOl/trol over key lISS"".\" suclt (IS IUlld ulld 11II',I.!,CI· t;\'('s/ocks (~lli! cl Ihe role (~r ./2/11l1le heads uf' hOllseholc/s, They have little po\Ver 10 /I1l1ke decisio/lS on sellillg of the larger anililais and renl or lease o/their/armland Their Iimiled role in Ihese aspecls potentiaily affects Iheir pllrchasing power and access t%od or cash income, l"cowle hOllsehold heads have 100 small/armlands and sllOrloge ot'lohor Ihll/1 male-headed IlOuselwlds to pro\'ide enollgh/(}(){I./i)r IllOsl hOllseholds. RlIl'ul credil /1I\"lillfliulI do('s 1101 exis/ ill the stlldy oreo, POOl' soil.fer/ilil,)', sl!or/a!ie ol'l'lIin, IIn<l C/'llp discos<'.\' OI/(l pesls or" 001/)11.1' olher factors callsillg IlOlIsehold food insecurity. All these .filclors a//ect II,eir conlrih lliion to the households, Own:/il!'ll1 production does nol satisfy.fillnily /l eeds owre Ihon 8 /IIonths, Hence, household,' III11St meet their own family demands from sources other than o\VnIarm production. Local nOIl-agricllllllral aclivities and household coping sll'lliegies (/}'e 100 lililited. They .find JI <li//iCIIltlo .filllhe cllrrent Rap of/hod insecurit.l', This has resllll,,<1 ill II/(' IlOlIschold hcads hOl'inR less pllrc/wsil1,f!, /)()\I'er/() Illn'e liltle shore In /)(Irlici/ullt' ill/he /llur kl" there/iire, ji'0I1I II,e policy point of'viell" il is ililporlalli 10 gil 'c OIO/'[' lI 'eiglll jill' ,voolen-headed IlOlIselio/ds sillce Ihey Iwve remained allllost invisible to policy /lllIkt'l's al/(I /'IIml developlllel1f practitioners, II is also illlportant to encollrage felilale-headed IWllsellOlds to engage in cash activities like liveslock.,' rearing and cash crops 10 enhance Iheir pllrchasing power, Besides, i IIIpro ving ag";c 1111/11'01 product ion and product i vi t y tlll'ough the proll/( il iO Il 01' lIgro-ecolog ically appropriale technological packages are Ihlls vital 10 ens lire hOllsellOlcl liw<lsecllrill ', Key ItJIorc!.L D'iraslte, household, access, coping, s/rll/egies.j(wt! seclfri/y, ./ill'lll, J/ulI-lIt!.riclllfll/"U/.



Southern Ethiopia: A Comparative Study of Male- And Female- Headed Households