An Assessment on the Effectiveness of Policy Measures in Promoting Girls' Education in Secondary Schools of Amhara Region

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Addis Ababa University


The main pUipose of this study was to assess the effectiveness of policy measures in promoting girls' education in Amhara region. It was delimited to 3 policy measures (gu idance and counseling, tutorial service and educational forum). To maintain the purpose of this study, descriptive survey method was employed. Various literatures were used as a source of data besides female students', their parents, teachers, and educational experts ' were taken as source of information through questionnaires, FGDs and interviews. Sample population was selected using stratified and simple random sampling and statistical tools like mean, median, mode, percentage, standard deviation, t-tests and chi-square were employed and interpretation was made accordingly. In addition, qualitative data were also analyzed manually. As a result, it was reported that awareness level especially on guidance and counseling as well as educational forums was low. Observed achievements with regard to the 3 policy measures, was found to be moderate. In relation to this, guidancf! and counseling service was said that it was not helping low achieving female students. Among the teaching modes, brain storming and reflective debates were reported as not commonly applied compared 10 the others. In addition, the study indicated that tutors give tutorial classes in mixed sense as significant number of teachers agree that giving tutorial classes is a must and 011 the other hand it is given based on teachers' interest. Guidance Counselors were weak in establishing rapport relationship with counselees. Moreover, it was discovered that female students had positive allitude towards the 3 policy measures. Work load on teachers and counselors, scarcity of skillful speakers, unavailability of comfortable and physical environment, and nolless prior in/ormation on forum topics were the main impediments 0/ the implementation 0/ the 3 policy measures. Hence, among forwarded strategies some like; developing overall manual to carry 01lt tutorial classes, guideline /01' gllidance and coul7Seling session, making educational psychologists as guidance counselors and designing annual plan /01' the implemelltation of educational }orlll/1s were the major Olles hoping that schools and other concerned and responsible bodies should tllm it illto reality



Policy ; Measures ;Promoting ; Girls