Effect Of Agile Software Development Practices On Scope Management: The Case Of JSI (John Snow Inc.)

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Addis Ababa University


The Project ‘Effect of Agile Software Development Practices on Scope Management: The case of JSI (John snow Inc.)’ begins by raising the question how projects are managed at JSI. Due to cost and time constraints the scope of this study is delimited to JSI delivered projects only. The research method used after thorough literature review is open ended interview and participatory observation. The sampling method used is a purposive non-random sampling. The participants are selected from the management information system team including project manager, senior software developers, software developers, product managers, analysists, and hub it supports. The qualitative data analysis is done from the input from participants and literatures reviews. The main findings are that JSI delivered and is delivering software’s currently in use by the health sector. It follows agile software development, and it helps for a flexible scope management purpose. The main factors for agile software development related to scope management are Development guide by test, Objective documentation, Small teams led by the facilitator, Features defined by the customer, Stand-up meetings, Frequent releases and Lead-programmer. Finally, further research is recommended not only in the area of scope management but also agile software development practice in Ethiopian context, as this study doesn’t cover it all.



project scope, scope management, agile software management, project management knowledge, software development