Contributions of Vegetable Production to the Household Food Security: The Case of Surrounding Holeta Town

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Addis Ababa University


Agriculture is the mainstay of the country's economy and the major source of foreign exchange earnings and domestic consumption. To improve the prevailing low level of production and productivity the use of yield improving inputs is of paramount important. In this study, an attempt was made to examine the contribution of vegetable production to household food security. The study was conducted at rural kebeles surrounding Holeta town. The survey data collected from rural kebeles surrounding Holeta town. The collected data considered two groups of farm households, vegetable producers and non-vegetable producer's households for comparison purpose. The study found out that vegetable production has a significant contribution to household food security via improving the income of producing household and improving the productivity of food crop production. Different types of vegetables are grown in the study area with different intensities in terms of land and other input allocation, purpose of production, and marketability. The most commonly grown vegetables in terms of the number of growers are potato, cabbage, tomato, carrot, onion, and green paper. The study found that, majority of vegetable producers households have been found to be more food secure than their nonproducing counterparts. Similarly, it was observed that income from vegetable was used to cover other expenditures such as education, health, and wage for laborers. Moreover the study found out that, weak extension support service, limited land holding, lack of access to credit, limited supply of improved seed, marketing and market information, outbreak of disease and pest are some of the most important problems. The drawbacks in the absence and quality of extension service were among the strong problems mentioned apart from the other challenges. Finally, the researcher recommends that in promoting vegetable producer households, continues assessment of contribution of vegetable production to household food security, intensified agricultural farming, problems related to extension service, credit service, market and marketing information, and provision of modern agricultural inputs should be addressed.



Household Food Security