Assessing Project Monitoring and Evaluation Practice of Abay Bank: The Case of the Upgraded Core Banking System

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Addis Ababa University


One of the components of effective project performance is typically the monitoring and evaluation of projects. It offers a framework for openness and accountability, evidence-based decision making, strategic alignment, and continuous improvement by methodically evaluating performance against targets and indicators. The main purpose of the study was to assess the project monitoring and evaluation (M&E) practice of Abay Bank, focusing on the case of the upgraded core banking system. The purpose is to identif y M &E practice of the bank for the successful implementation of CBS and monitor and evaluate the upgraded core banking system. The research approach used in the study is descriptive. Quantitative and Qualitative Data collection methods were applied. Primary data for this study was gathered through surveys and interviews with relevant project stakeholders. The participants include Manager, project managers, supervisor, team leader, team member and end users of the upgraded core banking system. There were 112 total questioners distributed, 98 of which were correctly completed and returned for additional examination. Using SPSS, all 98 respondents were analysed. The secondary data is gathered from a variety of publications and literatures. According to the study, the bank conducts monitoring and evaluation tasks without a clear M&E plan document. Additionally, tools and procedures including observation, weekly reports, KPI, RACI matrices, and checklists were mainly used and M&E data are mainly used for core banking system improvement and enhancement. Furthermore, the analysis found that 90% of the upgraded core banking system has succeeded in achieving its stated objectives. The survey also found that the three is lack of dedicated M&E staff and no staff member has received M&E related training. The importance of project monitoring and evaluation is clarified by this study's overall findings, particularly in the context of the upgraded core banking system at Abay Bank. The conclusions suggest the bank to use a well-organized monitoring and evaluation plan, standard tools for M&E, a dedicated monitoring and evaluation department with staff, funding for M&E activities, staff training on M&E, regularly revised M&E tools



Checklists, Stakeholder