Satisfaction Level Assessment of the Integrated Housing Development Program (IHDP) Residents: The Case of Key Bahir and Mickey Lay Land Condominium Sites Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa Unversity


Residential satisfaction is individual residents' subjective evaluation of their comprehensive satisfaction regarding their housing and neighborhood environment. Many researchers in different fields have examined the personal, physical, economic, social, institutional and managerial dimensions of housing satisfaction. The Integrated Housing Development Project (IHDP) is the flagship housing project in Ethiopia since 2005. It is implemented by the government targeting to provide affordable housing to low and middle income sections of the society. This research assessed the satisfaction level of the IHDP condominium residents in Addis Ababa. It took the case of two condominium sites that have been lived in for a number of years, one in the inner city and one in the outskirts of the city. I.e. Key Baher and Mickey lay land site. Out of the internationally used dimensions of housing satisfaction survey, this research chose the two most affecting dimensions (i.e. Physical and social dimension) to measure the satisfaction level by relating it to the objective and implementation of the IHDP. Case study method is used as a research method. Qualitative method is applied for collecting data and quantitative method to compute and analyze the collected data. The target populations are taken from condominium houses constructed by AAHCPO and distributed to beneficiaries through lottery system or any other means. Purposive selection method was used to select sample residential houses to conduct the interviews. In order to make the study fair and representative of the whole study site, the samples are taken from each block /building typologies, each floors and housing typologies (Studio, one bedroom, two bedroom and three bedroom). The main finding of the study is that the residents of both condominium sites are generally satisfied by having a dwelling for their family. There were variation in the level of satisfaction among residents depending on whether the condominium is located in inner city or urban periphery, weather their housing unit is top floor or ground floor, better housing structural quality, proximity to major public service and utilities, absences of children playground, absence of adult recreation center, neighborhood cleanness, day and night bar noise and lack of living experience in multi-story houses were the main contributing factors to the lower satisfaction level of residents.



Housing /Residential Satisfaction, Condominium Housing, Addis Ababa.