Students’ Performance in Physical Education: The Case of Football Techniques at Western Wollega Nejo Secondary School

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Addis Ababa University


The main purpose of the study was to identify the root cause factors for the students’ low technique performance in football at Nejo secondary school and tried to propose effective way of minimizing the problem. Accordingly; it was designed in quasi-experimental research design. In order to assess the overall condition of school for teaching-learning process of football techniques as well as PE, data was gathered through observation, open-ended questions and technique test. The data from observation by the researcher and the response toward the questionnaires suggests that there was no suitable teaching learning environment for football as well as for PE in the school. In addition, data collected from fifty experimental groups of students via technique test in passing, dribbling and receiving as pre-test performance result. Then, practicing program was designed for the students in the manner of participatory and initiative way. The students engaged in the program for three months. After accomplishment, students’ technique performance measured as post-test performance result. The comparison of pre and post-test results shows that, the students’ technique performance was improved during post-test result as their pre-test mean value is 4.4, 3.56 and 5.44 for passing, dribbling and receiving respectively. Whereas,6.9,6.28 and 7.24 during post-test. Finally, based on findings from data interrelation, data analysis and conclusion was drawn. The recommendations given by the researcher were- Time allocation and class size should be suited for PE, effective methods and strategies should be applied by PE teachers, all concerning bodies should participate in creating appropriate teaching-learning environment for PE, foundation of students’ football club and competition program in the school. Key words : Football, Practice, Passing, Dribbling, Receiving, Technique



Football, Practice, Passing, Dribbling, Receiving, Technique