Critical evaluation of Process and Marketing Management at Addis Ababa Spa Services (Addis Ababa Filwoha )

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This thesis sets out to critically evaluate process and marketing management of Addis Ababa Filwoha, one of a long established service providing firm in the country observations and a well deigned questionnaire are employed, to do so customers find Jew thing as per their expectation. The price is affordable & information is provided about facility location, though only in Amharic .the customers like to use the shower service & they are satisfied with the quality of the soap. The outstanding problem is the long waiting hours. There IS a noticeable service inconsistency. Toilettes are not available in all rooms. The existing ones are not in proper condition. Waiting customers are left without entertaining things, there is even lack of chairs. The service consistency is also evident in cleaning the rooms, towels, treating customers, room conditions. For all these customers are ready to switch to another service provider the moment one is available



Evaluation, Marketing