The Effect of Project Complexity on Project success: In the Case of Addis Ababa City Administration Housing Development and Administration corporation

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Addis Ababa is a capital city of Ethiopia and striving to assure the demand of shelter for the inhabitants. One of the strategies to solve the problem of housing is constructing huge number of condominium houses at earlier possible time with required quality. In this research the construction projects management practice of Addis Ababa city administration has been assessed based on project complexity dimensions (information complexity, task complexity ,technological complexity, organizational complexity, environmental complexity and goal complexities ) in lined with project success factors (time, cost,quality ,health and safety ,environmental performance ,participants satisfaction and users satisfaction).complexities in a project are inevitable. The necessary data were collected using both qualitative and quantitative research methods, largely quantitative research methods. The survey conducted using data collection tools such as document analysis and questionnaire .The collected data’s were analyzed by applying descriptive research design mixed research approach ,management bodies, employees, contractors and consultants of the corporation were unites of the observation and 142 samples were taken from these office .The study relies mainly on primary data .The collected data was analyzed using frequency distribution, percentage, mean and standard deviation and also linear regression model was used to analyze project success. The value of 0.851 R square indicates the independent variables (project complexity) explains 85.1% of the variability of the dependent variable (project success) in construction projects and 14.9% ( 100%_85.1% ) of the variation is caused by factors other than the predictors included in this model .All independent variables have significant contribution for project success .while misunderstanding of project complexity hinders project success to the corporation. Hence to solve the problem wisely understanding and implementing project complexity is forwarded suggestions. This study contributes theoretically in the field of project management and on practical level study will not only help the Practioners in the field of PM, but also helpful for project managers of mega engineering projects. On societal level this study may help the Government intuitions in formulating rules and regulations such as PM certifications that can improve the project success.



Case of Addis Ababa city administration housing, Development and administration corporation, Project complexity on project success