Youth-adult Partnership Opportunities and Challenges: In Community and Community Development Organization

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Addis Ababa University


The study qualitatively explored youth-adult partnership challenges and opportunities in rural community Arsi, Munesa and organization called Harmee Education for Development Association. United Nation defines youth as that between 15-24.Youth-adult partnerships is commonly referred as a connection in many positive youth development literatures. Positive youth development has five components; these components are Competence, Confidence, Connection (partnership), Character, and Caring. The study focused on the connection component, which is commonly perceived as partnership in many literatures. In this study 46 (34 youth and 12 adults) people were participated. Data was collected through focus group interview, individual interviews and document review. The collected data were transcribed, analyzed and discussed thematically. Data analysis was started right from the beginning of data collection. From the data major four themes were identified. These theme are segregation of youth by parents from adult’s world, attitude and perception of youth and adults to one another as an obstacle to work together, the role of adult in creating opportunities for youth adult partnership and the opportunities in community based organization for positive youth development. The study revealed that the existence of negative attitude and wrong perception about youth have been a great obstacle for youth and adults to work together. Young people are protected and segregated from adults world and decision making process in their community. The study implies for practice and further study of youth-adult partnership in different context and detailed study



Youth; Adult; partnership