Electronic Commerce: Opportunities and Challenges of General Importers in Addis Ababa

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Advances in information technology have created great opportunities as well as threats to organizations in various business sectors. though adoption of ecommerce is considered to provide substantial benefits to business; many general importers in Ethiopia still have not realized to adopt electronic commerce due to different factors. identijying the main opportunities and challenges and suggests suitable strategies to promote e-commerce are the basic purpose of this research. to attain the objective, data for the study were obtained from sample of 203 general importers from total of 748 which are found in Addis Ababa and had collect data basically from primary sources. to do so questionnaire was designed and distributed to the top level managers of the selected companies. this study used descriptive survey research designs. the data collected was analyzed with the help of microsoft excel software packages. the empirical findings show that, although the country registered two digit economic growths, with stable political climate, the banking, let and e-commerce practice in Ethiopia are underdeveloped. dominant barriers that highly hinder e-commerce adoption are; lack of skilled workers, Fear of risk security and privacy, lack of e-commerce infrastructure. the government of Ethiopia should formulate strategies that enhance the e-commerce infrastructure and enabling policy environment by involving full participation of all stakeholders, develop awareness raising campaigns. Finally, service provider and customer should sign service level agreements



Challenges, Opportunities