Designing A Solar PV Powered Reverse Osmosis Desalination System Using Rosa to Clean Lake Basaka Water

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Addis Ababa University


The freshwater shortage is an issue concerning safe water supply. The availability and usage of fresh water are critical for human health as well as economic and ecological stability. The continual increase in salinity and alkalinity hindered the utilization of Lake Basaka for drinking, irrigation, and residential purposes. In this study, ROSA software is used to design an appropriate membrane to filter Lake Basaka water at higher rejection and specified recovery, flux, permeate, and feed flow. The ROSA software-designed TW 30-2540 membrane for the RO System provided the required permeate flow rate of 0.21 gpm with an applied pressure of 100.94 psig, recovery of 14.89%, rejection of 99.56 %, flux of 10.80 gfd, salt passage of 0.44% at an adjusted feed pH of 8, and system temperature of 25 °C. As a consequence, ROSA Software designed the TW 30-2540 membrane for solar-powered RO to filter Lake Basaka water without displaying a design warning. In this regard, a solar-driven reverse osmosis system with five filter stages, including three pretreatment filter stages, one membrane stage, and one post-treatment filter stage, was used to filter Lake Basaka water by removing organic and inorganic components such as suspended particles, dissolved solids, and water pollutants from feed water driven by solar energy as an energy source. The samples collected for water quality examination were 4 liters of water in a clean plastic bottle as part of the sampling procedures from Lake Basaka and RO-filtered Lake Basaka water is evaluated by using AAS and MP-AES, respectively. As comparing Lake Basaka water analyzed before and after RO filtration Na, Mg, Ca, K, Co3 2-, HCo3 -, Cl-, Barium, Nitrate, Fluoride, Sulfate, Silicon, and Boron all showed a reduction in mg/l after RO filtration.



Freshwater scarcity, Reverse Osmosis, Lake Basaka, A solar-driven reverse osmosis system, ROSA Software