Analysis, Design and Cost Effectiveness of Precast Beam-Slab System

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Addis Ababa University


Pre-cast beam-slab is made of pre-cast reinforced concrete beam together with hollow blocks. The pre-cast beams are spaced at certain intervals and the hollow blocks are placed on them to form a working platform with out the use of formwork. The slab HCB, hanging between the pre cast beams are functioning like a formwork. They give only a temporary support during the installation phase. Only the pre-cast beams and the slab concrete are load bearing parts of the slab. In our country pre-cast beam-slab system is not widely used for construction of most buildings. The conventional cast institu constructions require lots of formwork and construction time, which increase the total cost of a project. When pre-cast beam slab systems are introduced in the construction of buildings, an economical construction could be achieved. In the present study, two types of pre-cast beam elements are chosen. Experimental studies are made on these beam elements by casting them in the laboratory condition. From experimental observation, there tried to come up with a new theoretical model. Loaddeflection data was taken from the experiment and compared with the theoretical output. Furthermore cost comparison is made between the two systems of slab construction. For the arrangement of panels used to compare cost, the pre-cast beam-slab system of construction is more economical than the conventional system. Finally, the model gives a hint for future study in trying to simulate the actual pre-cast beam slab system.



Slab System