Crop Wild Relatives in the Families of Dicotyledon Plants in Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa Universty


This study was undertaken in parts of Ethiopia where the crop wild relatives are available. Crop wild relatives of the dicotyledonous plant families in Ethiopia were studied to highlight their present status, as compared to the findings of earlier studies. This study has two parts: firstly data collection from Flora of Ethiopia and Eritrea, and the National Herbarium (ETH)), and secondly field data collection (ethnobotanical uses and voucher speciemens collection). Data were collected from the specimens accumulated in the National Herbarium (ETH) and the conservation status of all dicotyledonous crop wild relative species, 27 in total were assessed then proceeded to the interview-based field study. Semi-structured interviews were administered using purposive sampling in the selected floristic regions of Ethiopia namely: Shewa, Gojam, Welega, Kefa, Arsi, and Harerge. The Voucher specimens of 18 dicotyledonous crop wild relatives were collected and identified at both at field and at the National Herbarium, Addis Ababa University. Data had been collected and recorded using GPS, digital camera and analyzed mainly by using the Microsoft Excel and spread sheet .The status and ethnobotanical values of the collected crop wild relatives were identified. The highest number of species was found in Shewa Floristic Region especially around Addis Ababa area. Fabaceae contributed the highest number of dicotyledon crop wild relatives. Crop wild relatives in the families of dicotyledon had been compared by using bar graphs and tables. The major threats of dicotyledon crop wild relative are agricultural expansion, overgrazing and herbicide use in crop protection. The findings would initiate research ondiversity, conservation and possible use of crop wild relatives. Key words/phrases: Agriculture, crops, crop wild relatives, dicotyledons and vegetation



Agriculture, Crops, Crop wild relatives, Dicotyledons and vegetation