Assessment Of Project Risk Management Practice In Akaki-Ii, Debrezeit-Iii, Dukem-Ii, Mojo-Ii And Ginchi-Ii Power Transmission Project, (Addmg-1)

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Addis Ababa University


This paper, Assessment of project risk management in ADDMG -1 project tried to see the risk management practice of ADDMG – 1 ongoing project .The project is owned by Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP), consulted by MVV-DECON, financed by French Development Agency (FDA) and EEP and contracted by Larsen And Toubro Limited. This project is located in Akaki, Debrezeit, Dukem, Mojo and Ginchi. The researcher used descriptive method. Data was collected through questionnaire given to all (30) direct participants of the project and with interview with 4 people from EEP, Larsen And Toubro Limited and MVV-DECON. Out of the 30 questionnaires distributed 25 were collected and used for the research purpose. The finding of the research showed that the project has risk management policy. And on its implementation the respondent have different views. The key findings of the research are the project has risk management policy which shows how to handle uncertainties in projects. The research also reviles that though there is risk management policy there is lack of consistency on implementing it. One of the areas studied was having clear responsibility and responsible person/group to handle uncertainties in projects. Most of the respondents agreed there is clear responsibility but regarding the responsible person/group they have differences. Information gathering technique, document review, SWOT analysis, checklist analysis and assumption analysis techniques were used to identify project risk. The techniques used to assess the probability of risk occurrence in the project are ranking the importance of risk based on past experience and assessment based on expert judgment and quantitative assessment. About control of risk, the research reveals that control and review the process of risk management is going in a way that goes with the goal and objective of the project. The paper concluded that the organization should work on fully implementing the risk management policy and creating awareness of the team members. Recommendations based on the outcome of the research are given at the end.



Risk, Risk Management