A Nondegenerate Three-Level Cascade Laser Coupled to a Two-Mode Squeezed Vacuum Reservoir

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Addis Ababa University


Detailed analysis of the squeezing of the cavity as well as the output radiation and statistical properties of the cavity radiation of a nondegenerate three-level cascade laser, in which the top and bottom levels of the injected atoms are coupled by an external coherent radiation, and whose cavity is coupled to a two-mode squeezed vacuum reservoir is presented. The generated radiation exhibits a high degree of squeezing in the minus quadrature either for a weak or strong driving radiation. In general, the degree of squeezing and mean number of photon pairs increase with the linear gain coefficient and squeeze parameter. The driving radiation leads to squeezing of the cavity radiation even when ´ = 0 and ´ = 1. Moreover, it is found that there is no distinct difference between the probability for finding odd and even number of photon pairs in the cavity. In addition, the mean number of photons in mode a turns out to be greater than that in mode b



A Nondegenerate Three-Level