Study on The Practice of Professional Ethics And Its Effects on 20/80 Condominium Projects of Addis Ababa City

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Addis Ababa University


Professionals play a major role in determining the success and failure of construction projects, since they have direct involvements in every stage of the construction. Taking that into consideration, this research is conducted to identify the practice of professional ethics and its effect on 20/80 condominium projects. It also uncovered the most prevalent unethical practices in 20/80 condominium projects and the contributing factors for those unethical practices. A questionnaire survey using random sampling and interviews using purposive sampling were conducted on professionals currently working on 20/80 condominium projects. The findings indicate that various forms of unethical conducts are prevalent in 20/80 condominium projects which are adversely affecting the quality, time and cost of the projects. The most unethical practices on the side of the contractors were found to be theft; illegal bidding practices, purchasing substandard materials to save money, negligence and lack of qualification. Whereas, consultant related unethical practices were found to be negligence, bribery, lack of loyalty to the client and compromising quality for one‟s own personal need. Fraud in the BOQ, high cost estimation to share excess cost, negligence and taking biased measure are the most unethical practices of the quantity surveyors. This paper also suggests ways to enhance ethical professionalism among construction professionals including: imposing heavier penalties on those who are found to act unethically, giving ethics-training programmes, creating a strong management team and strict monitoring and evaluation in every stage of the project. Professional ethics is a pre-requisite to attain a sustained and acceptable standard of success in 20/80 condominium projects, due to that serious attention has to be given to complete the projects with the planned time, planned budget and the expected quality. The findings from the study are expected to give a good base to the government, construction professionals and the policy makers in detecting and preventing unethical practices in 20/80 condominium projects of Addis Ababa.



Professional ethics, unethical practices, 20/80 condominium projects, success of projects