Good Corporate Governance practices in Case of Bunna International Bank S.C.

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This research was conducted to assess the degree of which corporate governance practices are functional in Bunna International Bank S.C. In doing so, corporate governance system and its proper application of good corporate governance practice was the primary focus and goal of the study. A descriptive research approach was employed to achieve the objective of this research. Most of the management members; including directors, district managers, selected branch managers found in Addis Ababa, all audit and risk and compliance directorate staffs, all division managers at head office and districts and all customer service and relationship managers were used as a target population of the study. A sample of the respondents was selected from all the head office departments, district offices and branches. Therefore, the target sample includes Twenty five city branches, six districts which are having a total of 272 participants, were involved in the study. In order to get relevant data from the target population questionnaire and interviews were used. The data collected through questionnaire were analyzed using descriptive analysis techniques and the qualitative data were analyzed using elucidation. Furthermore, the qualitative data (data from interview) were analyzed together with the quantitative one to strengthen the results found from the questionnaire. Finally, based on the most important findings, the study made a conclusion and offered some possible recommendations for the bank, the governing body, and the stake holders in general.



Corporate governance