The Assessment of Employee Performance Management System

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The main objective of this descriptive study was to assess the Employee Performance management System in the case of Awash Bank Share Company. Specifically, the study was intended to address the following questions; to find out how the Company has embraced performance management, an alignment between individual and the organizational overall goals, the leadership commitment to performance management and communication strategy and performance management. Primary data has been collected through questionnaire. The study used stratified sampling techniques and collected primary data from 101 staff out of the total 203 population. Descriptive research design was applied using quantitative approach. Statistical Package for Social science 21 version was used to process the primary data. The study found that the staff desires more alignment of organizational and individual goals and objectives in order to enhance the employee performance management as well as the organizations’ performance. Moreover, Awash Bank Share Company shall conduct a formal training for managers in order to enhance their leadership commitment that helps them to serve as a model staff. This study also recommends that, Awash Bank Share Company shall invest on its employees and managers in order to remain competitively relevant in the banks industry


A Research Project for the partial Fulfilment of the Degree of Executive Master of Business Administration [EMBA]


Employee Performance management system, Performance Appraisal, Performance Management