Study on municipal solid waste management of Addis ababa university

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Addis Ababauniversity


The activities involved with the management of solid wastes are the control of generation, storage, collection, transfer and transport, processing and disposal of the waste with best principles of environmental considerations. Physical and chemical analyses of refuse must be known to develop and design proper management of the waste. Prior to sample collection for the analysis, preliminary site visits were made to observe the physical nature of the solid wastes in dust bins at different localities of the university, and sites were selected for sample collection. Following stratified random sampling technique and using preliminary site investigation, a total number of 8 sites were selected to get representative sample for the study. Physical and chemical analyses were done to determine selected parameters, which were considered relevant for selection of appropriate solid waste disposal method The characterization of MSW from 8 sites belonging to the three categories viz. students mess; student hostels; and offices- have shown that the quantum and physical characteristics from A.A.U. campuses show trend towards developed countries and major metropolitan cities in Ethiopia, depicting a higher standard of living. In chemical analysis a modified equation, based on percentages of compostable fractions, paper, and plastics with rags, has been suggested for estimation of energy content of the solid waste. Based on the analysed parameters, proposal for solid waste disposal of A.A.U. has been presented



Solid waste management