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1. This study identified the level of job satisfaction of government and private secondary school teachers of Addis Ababa with particular reference to Arada sub-city. Four government and 4 private secondary schools were included in the study. A descriptive survey design with the sample of 101 (male = 75; female = 26) randomly selected teachers was employed to collect and analyze quantitative data. The selected teachers were made to respond to a 30 items Licker Scale Type Questionnaire categorized into ten dimensions. The collected quantitative data were entered into the SPSS version 21 software and analyzed using mean scores and t-test. Decision to reject the null hypothesis was set at significance level of 0.05.Findings indicated that women are more satisfied than men. However, the overall findings showed that the salary and benefit packages currently in use are less satisfying for teachers. Recognition and working environment are partially satisfying, whereas work relations and empowerment are satisfying for the surveyed teachers. The study concludes that only work relations and empowerment are satisfying for teachers. The study recommends that employers, both government and non-government are urged to revisit their policies and practices relating to promotion, salary pay, fringe benefits, recognition, and work life balance